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Jiangmen jianghai district energy gas stoves co., LTD,Is located in the content and economic prosperity of the west of the pearl river delta port people,Jiangmen of traditional light industry production。 

Improve the enterprise management with technical product development,Production、Quality、Procurement、Sales, and other functions of the quality structure and configuration complete production equipment and inspection、Test equipment,To ensure the quality of the products。

“Vitality”Since founded in 1989,Has successively got the license for the highest standards of the state of gas production and the national mandatory product3CCertification。Domestic instantaneous gas water heater and household gas cooker won the provincial title of quality products in 1990In the second international patents and new technologies and products exhibition honorable mention。

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Remove the odor alexipharmic ark small coup
A few small coup odor removing disinfection cabinet
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To start business|2019Years,New journey set sail!
At the beginning of the New Year,Recovery of all things。Warm、Celebrations、Moved by the lunar New Year holiday is over。No matter how parents and relatives,No matter you how would you want to travel in the beautiful scenery,Moved on,Don't read past、Not afraid of the future!We have to open a new round of work full of passion!The New Year,Let's follow the dream together,stay true to the missio,The countenance!2019The years rolled up his sleeves together go dry!I wish you all the commencement of business,Is suitable for all,The business is thriving!
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Oil absorption caused by unqualified project and potential safety hazard risk
1、General common oil absorption is unqualified project include“Air volume、Wind pressure、Total pressure efficiency、Marking and instructions、Power supply and outer cord、The input power and current、Grounding measures、Protection of touch live parts、Stability and dangerous machinery、Design is not reasonable”Such as unqualified,When we see these unqualified problems,Must know which will lead to disqualification product safety hidden trouble。??2、Protection is not safe to touch live parts,Products in the structure design was flawed,Consumers after remove the removable parts,Can hit a charged or terminals,And may cause accident getting an electric shock,Get an electric shock is huge
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Address:Jiangmen city, guangdong province high and new technology industrial park of high-tech west road183Number